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Parsley - dill - basil - thai basil - italian mini basil - coriander leaf - red veined sorrel - black palm kale - tatsoi

Our vision: Growing modules powered by waste heat from datacenters

Our eating habits have changed, but our way of producing food has not been keeping up.Containing Greens is a start-up from Luleå who makes it possible to grow local greens all year around using recovered waste heat from datacenters in sub-arctic climates.
At Containing Greens, we develop technology for wast heat powered cultivation modules for sub-arctic climates. Our control system for heat, humidity and carbondioxid makes it possible to cultivate even during winter!
Containing Greens use hydroponic systems, where the plants grow directly in water instead of soil.
The team

The Containing Greens Team

Moa Johansson, CEO, Co-founder

Business management and development

Ellinor Emilsson, COO, Co-founder

Civil engineering, technology development

Adrian Arrosamena Mellgren, CTO, Co-founder

Energy engineering, technology development

Andreas Eklund, Business Development

Business development, strategy and marketing


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